rehab e1532989981287 Rehabilitation


the action of restoring something that has been damaged to its former condition.
synonyms: salvage, restore, recondition, reconstruct, refurbish


Some treat it as a list of items that must be checked off for any given diagnosis, regardless of the individual or the individual’s goals. Some define rehabilitation as the treatment and resolution of pain, and some see it as the return to a set of physical therapy goals.

Here at STREAMLINE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY, we see REHABILITATION as the chance to restore people to whatever it is that they need, want, and love. It is different for every person and every athlete and depends both on diagnosis/dysfunction/symptoms and the individual. REHABILITATION is just as much about the resolution of pain and symptoms as it is a restoration to function. Individual function, and individual goals.

Components of REHABILITATION include:

  • reduction of acute or chronic pain and other symptoms
  • restoration of joint and muscular mobility
  • improvement of flexibility and restoration of joint passive and active range of motion (ROM)
  • improvement of strength
  • re-training of stability
  • improvement in movement technique
  • progression to development of fast twitch movement accuracy and power if applicable

At STREAMLINE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY, our clinicians are strong in manual techniques for treatment of all joints of the body. They are equally as strong in developing plans-of-care to restore flexibility, ROM, and strength, and they are even stronger in the re-training of stability and re-programming movement techniques. We have a strong sports background in all of our clinicians and follow our athletes all the way from start to finish, where the finish is not the doors of the clinic. For all people, the finish must be a successful re-entry into the desired environment/activity, or the value of rehabilitation is lost.