mobility5 e1533233036835 Mobility


the ability to move or be moved freely and easily.
synonyms: adaptability, flexibility, versatility, adjustability


MOBILITY is, with respect to the rehabilitation process at STREAMLINE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY, the available motion in any given anatomical structure, whether it be joint, muscle, fascia, connective tissue, ligament, tendon, or entire functional movement segment. MOBILITY is only as simple as the human body – not simple at all. It is complex in all structures and requires skill to restore. Many will simply have their patients stretch as a means of regaining muscular and joint mobility, a method that is insufficient and incomplete.

At STREAMLINE SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY, methods of restoring and regaining MOBILITY include:

  • first and foremost, intricately skilled manual therapy for all areas and structures of the body which includes mobilization techniques at the joint-component, joint, and soft tissue levels
  • detailed and specific therapeutic exercise including dynamic and static stretching, as well as specific strengthening techniques to improve muscular mobility and strength throughout the entire range of the muscle
  • focused neuromuscular re-education techniques to train the body/joint/muscle/other soft tissue into the newly-acquired ROM