The 4th Quarter Finish

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It was the culmination of the season of a lifetime on February 3, 2008 in Glendale, Arizona. The undefeated New England Patriots faced the final obstacle to their perfect season: the New York Giants. Utter perfection preceded this moment, as the Patriots had strung together 18 wins, and they presented themselves at Super Bowl XLII. Their lead was small by the second quarter, they held their position in the third quarter and even down to the last 2:39 of the fourth quarter. It was in those last few minutes of the most important game of their season that the Patriots’ perfect season slipped away from them. The final drive made by the Giants was nothing short of incredible, as they scored the final touchdown and became the underdog victors of the 2007-08 NFL season.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Patriots’ fourth quarter demise can teach us so much! Just as losing in the final “quarter” is more devastating than simply losing, giving up in the figurative fourth quarter of anything is a heart-breaking loss. For example, if you work hard for 9 months on your health and fitness, start the “fourth quarter” strong, then crash and burn for the holiday season, of what value was your “perfect season”? (For the record, I’m using this metaphorically to describe the year, as we enter the last 3 months of the year.)

Now I get the opportunity to be that obnoxious person who encourages you to not fall off the wagon in the fourth quarter. Not to use the excuse of the holidays to drag the wagon off the road and set it on fire. Not to look back at your perfect season and wish you had stuck it out and finished the season stronger than you started! So, how do you finish this season? Do you stay committed and enjoy the rewards, starting next year riding the high of your strong finish? Or do you bale, and start over in January with a new (or the same) New Year’s Resolution?

What if you’re more like the 2007 Giants, and you had a rocky start to the season? Look at how they tied up their season, despite starting the season 0-2! The lesson I really want you to draw from the example of Super Bowl XLII is this: it isn’t about how you start your journey, it’s about how you finish! I encourage you to commit to an amazing fourth quarter this year and build even better the next year! You can do this, and I would love to help! Reach out to me if you’re ready to commit to finishing your season strong!



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Then comes the New Year’s Resolution to start and finish the next “season” better.

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