Dara Kolar

Dara K.

Blaire was my last resort for foot pain, and I wish I would have gone to her from the beginning! By the time I came to her I had two surgeries on my right foot, the first one was to remove my sesamoid bone and I still had pain so they decided to remove my skin nerve in the second surgery. I got to the point where I didn’t trust people with my foot because every time they tried something it just made it worse. I had a ton of scar tissue built up and I was to the point walking hurt. I was a catcher on the ISU softball team and it just became unbearable to play. Blaire actually took the time to fight for my pain. She was so dedicated to figuring out the source of where it was coming from and was patient with me. It was very painful to work out the scar. She had so much knowledge and determination that she was going to figure out a way to rid of my pain. By the time I left I could walk freely without pain and had tools to help my foot if pain ever came back. I was able to play my final season of softball with a lot less pain! She’s not only my physical therapist but I truly consider her a friend. I would recommend her to anyone! Don’t wait to have her as a last resort like me, start with the best and you won’t need to see anyone else.