Movement Retraining Pocatello, ID

Movement Retraining

SSPT specializes in the process of movement re-training, which is an integral part of upper extremity, spine, and lower extremity rehabilitation. Often, it is poor movement mechanics which cause pain and injuries in the first place, and as such, the pain and/or injury can not be successfully rehabilitated without addressing said movement mechanics. Conversely, even when poor movement mechanics are not a cause of injury or pain, once injury has occurred, poor movement mechanics often prevent proper healing. As a result, re-training movement to improve movement mechanics is of the utmost importance.

The staff at SSPT uses a proprietary technique to re-train movement. This technique has been developed with experience and expertise, and begins with addressing the foundational impairments such as lack of strength or mobility, and progressing to the next phase such as static stability training, then on to dynamic training. Movement retraining requires constant one on one treatment with skilled eyes and observation, as well as skillful education/teaching and training. Retraining better movement patterns effectively and efficiently is a skill that sets SSPT above the rest.

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