Mechanical Traction

Mechanical traction is a decompression system which uses a small machine anchored to a table to create a predesignated force of pull in line with either in the lumbar or the cervical spine. It is an integral tool for the treatment of all spinal inter-vertebral disc injuries, as most injuries of this nature are compression injuries. For example, lumbar or cervical inter-vertebral disc bulges or herniations are compression injuries which result in the bulging of the outer layer of the inter-vertebral disc into the surrounding space around the spine, which often causes spinal nerve root impingement and radicular symptoms into the legs and severe back or neck pain. Mechanical traction can actually cause recession of these disc bulges in many cases, thereby reducing the pressure on the surrounding tissues and nerves and significantly reducing pain. Over time, repeated treatment with mechanical traction can positively impact the disc displacement, resulting in longer-term improvements in pain and function.  Short term, it is most patients’ with lumbar or cervical favorite aspect of physical therapy sessions, because it causes such significant pain relief.

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