Functional Mobilization Pocatello, ID

Functional Mobilization

Functional mobilization is a joint mobilization technique that optimizes joint mobility using the body’s functional movement and neuromuscular function. It requires the skilled manual therapy hands of skilled manual therapists, as well as detailed working knowledge of the body and its neuromusculoskeletal system. Efficient and effective functional mobilization also requires knowledge of each individual patient, as every body, and all symptoms and conditions are different and unique.

Functional mobilization has been shown to be effective in the long and short term at improving joint mobility. Its effectiveness, especially long-term, has also been shown to be higher than that of high velocity manipulations such as adjustments and manipulations, as it uses the function of the body to correct itself. Instead of an external force causing the change, such as in an adjustment or manipulation, an internal force is causing the change. It stands to reason that the body would react more favorably to a change that it itself produced, especially when paired with further corrective training.

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