Patient Testimonials

  • Taycee Harper

  • Pete Pocatello, ID

    After visiting MULTIPLE physical therapists and doctors for issues related to my neck and arms, I was finally put into contact with Blaire at Streamline Physical Therapy by my chiropractor. Blaire is in my opinion, the best in Idaho if not the nation. Because of her expertise I have been able to return to my favorite pastime, Brazilian jiu jitsu. My posture has improved and I’ve been equipped with exercises and stretches to maintain the gains made in therapy. I’ve never encountered a PT who works so hard for her patients. I now live in Twin Falls but when needed, I drive to Pocatello to see her for a tune up and she is always willing to give advice via email to keep me healthy. The rest of her staff reflects the same work ethic. Streamline Physical Therapy is THE place to go in Idaho for ALL your PT needs.

    J.P. “Pete” Espil

  • ashlee Pocatello, ID

    Blaire is amazing at what she does! She not only cares about her clients, she does all that she can to help them recover quickly and correctly. Her knowledge and experience can’t be matched!

    Ashlee Butler
    Massage Therapist, Marathon Runner

  • cami

    Blaire is the best. HANDS DOWN! She is so knowledgeable and completely in tune with your body movements at all times. Best PT around!

    Cami Evans
    X-Ray and US Technician

  • Sheryl Bitter Pocatello, ID

    I went to Blaire after being told I might need surgery on my shoulder. I had just finished playing basketball at ISU and since I had continued to play on a prior injury it made it into a complex issue that my athletic trainer could never solve. Blaire has helped get it to a point where I no longer need surgery and have more strength and stability then I have had for years. Not only is she very knowledgeable and was able to correct a compounded issue, but I loved how well she listened to me and how I was feeling. Loved my experience and am grateful for Blaire and the rest of the staff for all their help!

    Sheryl Bitter Beus
    ISU Women's Basketball Team Alumni

  • Jeff Young

    I’ve had three surgeries requiring extensive physical therapy, knee, and both shoulders. I’ve been so fortunate to have been a patient of Blaires. Blaire has such a vast knowledge of anatomy, but more importantly, she has a sixth sense, uncanny skillset. I recommend Streamline wholeheartedly. I’ve also been a patient of Kate Youngblood. Kate is a wonderful physical therapist assistant. Her amazing attitude, deep knowledge of anatomy, and genuine concern for her patients’ healing are remarkable. Now, the coolest thing is Kindee, and her physical therapy dog, “Dixie”  They are the show stealers.  Love that little pup!  Streamline is the premier physical therapy group in Pocatello, hands down.

    Jeff Young

  • Kara E

    Blaire’s skills as a movement expert helped me relieve my pain and symptoms from my career as a Division I athlete. I began going to Blaire after I was done playing for pain management and relearn how to functionally move. She provided creative, hands-on care in a comfortable environment. She never let you slack off and get by doing the minimal effort in order to return me to the level of performance I wanted to be at. She worked my goals and activity specific to our treatments making it fun and challenging!

    Kara E. Jenkins, DPT
    Idaho State University Student and Women's Basketball Team Alumni

  • Dara K.

    Blaire was my last resort for foot pain, and I wish I would have gone to her from the beginning! By the time I came to her I had two surgeries on my right foot, the first one was to remove my sesamoid bone and I still had pain so they decided to remove my skin nerve in the second surgery. I got to the point where I didn’t trust people with my foot because every time they tried something it just made it worse. I had a ton of scar tissue built up and I was to the point walking hurt. I was a catcher on the ISU softball team and it just became unbearable to play. Blaire actually took the time to fight for my pain. She was so dedicated to figuring out the source of where it was coming from and was patient with me. It was very painful to work out the scar. She had so much knowledge and determination that she was going to figure out a way to rid of my pain. By the time I left I could walk freely without pain and had tools to help my foot if pain ever came back. I was able to play my final season of softball with a lot less pain! She’s not only my physical therapist but I truly consider her a friend. I would recommend her to anyone! Don’t wait to have her as a last resort like me, start with the best and you won’t need to see anyone else.

    Dara Kolar
    Idaho State University Softball Team Alumni

  • I will never forget how devastated I was to be injured and unable to compete. Entering physical therapy with Blaire reprogrammed me as a healthier and stronger athlete. She has incredible knowledge, and cares deeply about her patients and their aspirations. She helped me be a competitor while I rehabbed. I’m not just back, I’m back better than before.

    Zoe Thiros
    Century High School Volleyball, USA Volleyball A1 Select National Training Team, National Freshman of the Year, Prep Volleyball High School All American, AVP First Regional Sand Championships Gold Medalist

  • Blaire was a key part of my success at Idaho State. I always needed to take care of my arm and body throughout each season. Blaire was there to keep me healthy and competing at a high level. She was instrumental in my rehab process for both of my shoulders throughout the year. She was the only one to figure out how to rehab my separated shoulder to get me back in the weight room. She is very knowledgeable and detailed in her work. I would definitely recommend her to any one of my friends or family. She is the best around!

    Justin Arias
    Idaho State University Football Team Alumni and former quarterback