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Streamline Sports Physical Therapy (SSPT) is a fully operational, state-of-the-art outpatient orthopedic sports rehabilitation physical therapy clinic located in Pocatello, ID at 151 N 4th Ave, Ste A.

SSPT is comprised of one Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainer, owner Blaire Zikratch, two Physical Therapist Assistants Kate Youngblood and Shayla Bitter, and six part-time technicians (three in the PTA program at ISU, one certified athletic trainer). Blaire Zikratch, DPT ATC, has been practicing since 2011 and has been the Idaho State University Athletics physical therapist since 2012. She has been traveling with the ISU football team since 2013, and is Functional Movement Screen Medical Professional 2 and Titleist Performance Institute – Medical Professional Level 2 certified. In 2012 she developed a method of testing athletes readiness to return to sport via the pairing of the cybex and Vail test, and since that time has been the only physical therapist in the region to administer the tests which are used by the two primary orthopedic surgeons in Pocatello. She is highly skilled in manual therapy and the integration of therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education to re-train and improve movement patterns and thus function. Kate Youngblood, PTA has been practicing since 2014, and working with Blaire Zikratch since 2011, first as a technician and then once graduated as a PTA. She is highly skilled in manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and is fluent in Spanish.

SSPT prides itself on providing the highest-quality, specifically individualized, and most focused one-on-one patient care in the region of Southeast Idaho. Blaire Zikratch has developed the reputation as the region’s sports rehabilitation specialist, and because SSPT has been in operation since October of 2016 as Streamline Sports Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, this has become the reputation of SSPT as well. It has a steady and sizeable referral base from local orthopedic surgeons and physicians, including the orthopedic surgeons and physicians of Idaho State University. It is the only clinic, as referenced above, that administers the cybex/vail testing combination for return to sport testing of athletes. Within daily treatments, SSPT provides a minimum of 40 minutes of one-on-one treatment time with each patient, which puts us ahead of the competition, which are higher paced and spend less time on each patient to maximize profit. While this may make the competition more profitable, in the longer term it will put SSPT ahead of the competition; thorough treatment without the constraint of time combined with genuine care for each patient will always win out with both patients and their physicians through superior results and the highest satisfaction.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of SSPT to provide individualized, patient-focused care of the highest skill and quality to every patient we are lucky enough to serve. We strive to connect with everyone on a personal level and to make a positive influence through the therapy we provide and the relationships we build.

Company Goals and Objectives

It is the goal of SSPT to continue to grow and expand through word of mouth and excellent patient care as well as continued referring physician satisfaction. On a daily basis, it is the goal of SSPT to have a positive influence on each person we are lucky enough to come into contact with via positive attitude and genuine care and concern. Longer term, it is the goal of SSPT to develop its own facility tailored specifically to its patient population and the needs of the community within 2 years. This will be accomplished only through continued success with each patient personally, as well as continued employee and physician satisfaction. As the need to increase the clinical staff of SSPT arises, only the highest caliber individuals will be considered. Only the highest of clinical skill, the most genuine of patient care, and the best of work environment and culture will get us to where we want to go.

Business Philosophy

Individual patient and person care, on a physical and non-physical level, is the most important to SSPT and its employees. Concordantly, employee satisfaction, morale, and business/clinic culture are of equal importance. The first cannot be achieved without the second.

The clinical skill of SSPT will be marketed to the orthopedic and primary care physicians in Pocatello, ID, as well as the general public. Most of this is achieved via word of mouth as a result of excellent clinical results, but this will be supplemented with advertising and marketing as necessary.

The industry of physical therapy only continues to grow, and will continue to do so. Even during the times of struggling health care and insurance complications, physical therapy has flourished. People will always need physical care, and returning to what matters most in their lives is what matters most to us at SSPT.

As previously described, patient care and genuine care for the individual combined with high clinical skill is the basis for SSPT’s success. It was founded by Blaire Zikratch, DPT ATC, who spend countless volunteer hours with Idaho State University Athletics beginning in 2011, which resulted in an excellent relationship with all athletic trainers and physicians, which drastically increased the success of ISU athletes in rehabilitation and return to sport. She also continued to focus on each individual regardless of athletic background and developed her individual skills in all realms of care. This resulted in a large patient base which was achieved only via word of mouth and physician satisfaction, and in October of 2016, resulted in said patient base including ISU athletes making the switch with her to SSPT. Along with all ISU athletes, Kate Youngblood, Blaire’s Physical Therapist Assistant, also followed her to SSPT. Kate is extremely skilled, and because she has worked hand-in-hand with Blaire for 6 years now, the consistency of skill and care is at the highest level.

With the combination of Blaire and Kate working together, and with the combined excellent relationships with Idaho State University and local orthopedic and primary care physicians, the patient population of SSPT will only continue to grow. Genuine care for people goes a long way!

SSPT is a professional corporation, under the category of s-corporations. This was selected as a result of the advice of SSPT’s accountants at Rudd and Co in Idaho Falls based on the amount of income per month SSPT generated over 2017.