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Massage Remedies

Welcome! Thank you for choosing Massage Remedies to help you find relief for your short and long term relief from stress and musculoskeletal pain. At Massage Remedies we believe the body, mind, and spirit are treated as a whole.  We believe massage therapy is an integral component of helping the body to heal and find relief and we will provide a safe, nurturing, confidential environment for you. Massage Remedies physical therapists are licensed and will abide by all state laws and regulations and adhere to massage therapy ethics and standards set for the profession. Massage therapists will stay current on education requirements and modalities to ensure you receive the very best massage therapy services.We look forward to being a part of your healthcare team as you work towards personal health and wellness.  

Meet the Therapist


Liz Head Shot Massage RemediesElizabeth (Liz) Davenport was born and raised in Pocatello, ID.  She graduated from Highland High School, Idaho State University, and The College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital. Throughout her life, Liz always had a desire to help those around her.  She dreamed of being a nurse and started to pursue that path until she realized she didn’t quite have the stomach for it! She found her passion and interest for massage therapy while her husband was attending physical therapy school.  After he graduated and entered private practice, Liz decided to follow her dream to help others and began her study of massage therapy. Liz loves everything about massage therapy; but most of all, she loves that massage effectively addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person. In addition to helping people through massage therapy Liz enjoys cooking, serving in her church and community, coaching her kids in sports, and watching her husband coach high school sports. 




At Massage Remedies your massage will be tailored to your body’s needs. Depending on the results you are seeking, different massage modalities will be used to achieve optimal results.

Techniques Offered

  • Swedish – A gentle massage incorporating long gliding strokes, kneading, light rhythmic tapping, and stretching to help relax and energize the muscles.
  • Chair Massage – Chair massages are quick energizing massages offered while the client is fully clothed and seated on a massage chair. Only the upper body is worked on in chair massage.
  • Deep Tissue – Slower, more forceful strokes used to work deep muscle layers in areas of concern.
  • Sports Massage – Various techniques designed to enhance athletic performance and improve injury recovery time.
  • Prenatal Massage – Similar to Swedish massage but designed specifically for pregnancy.
  • Kinesiology Taping – Kinesiology tape is a specialized tape used to assist in circulatory, lymphatic, fascial, and muscular function.
  • Reflexology – Reflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas in the feet and hands.  These areas correspond to specific body parts and organs. Reflexology techniques promote relaxation, which is the first step in breaking the stress cycle. Benefits of reflexology include assisting the body in removing toxins, increasing circulation, non-invasive therapy helpful in chronic and acute conditions, increases the body’s natural ability to balance itself. Reflexology is similar but not the same as foot zoning.  If you are interested in foot zoning we have a practitioner in our office once a month.
  • Hot Stone – Hot Stone massage is a popular treatment among clients because it is so relaxing.  Smooth, flat, basalt rocks are heated in a water bath to a temperature of 120*-145*. The rocks are then placed on specific areas of the body to warm the tissues and the therapist uses rocks in hand to provide Swedish massage techniques such as effleurage, pettrisage, kneading, and circular movements.  Cold stones may also be used during this treatment as a contrast. (Please note: Contrary to popular photos, hot stones are never placed to lay directly on the skin.  When stones are placed to rest there is always a layer placed to prevent burns.)

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